You need to see a neurologist.

Do you really think I'm selfish?

Poor guy... Food poisoning's never fun.

It was mismanagement of the company's affairs by the acting director.

I need a weapon.

She was alone in this opinion.


Would you mind telling me how you got into my office?

It was my pleasure!

That's basically what we want.

It's just impossible to live with you!

The berries I ate gave me an upset stomach.


What do you eat for lunch?


It's pouring down.

He is on this ship.

I couldn't get out of my garage because there was a car in the way.

Did you ever travel abroad by ship?

I can't believe you are eating something the doctor has told you repeatedly you shouldn't eat.

The thermometer registered minus ten last night.

Kate knitted Damon a pullover for his birthday.

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Who's that man over there?

I wouldn't bet against her.

Is it true you're trying to do that?

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How long will it take for the letter to arrive?


I'd really like to know.

He doesn't have a computer.

I had something planned.


I want to go full speed.

People who don't know the sadness of love aren't able to talk about the experience of love.

The lost boy held out until the rescue team came.


Say it again.

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Please circle the right answer.

This jar can hold two liters of hot water.

Let's visit some temples tomorrow.

There are some reasons why the Japanese find it hard to act unlike others.

When I tried to move the desk, one of its legs made a jarring sound as it scraped across the floor.


The success of our project deserves to be celebrated.

The lessons are getting more and more difficult.

He's a real man.

He was wrong.

Dennis doesn't have rough manners.

It rains there.

Is using fingers uncivilized?


This sentence can be translated to Arabic in many ways.

I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear that.

I recognized the bank teller as the man I had seen in the movie theater.

He deserved to be hanged.

The child drew a picture.

Does it really hurt?

Whether it may be hard or not, I must do it.


King, please, not now.

The Soviet people are not afraid of peaceful competition with capitalism.

She takes pride in her son.

We just had a talk.

Don't you think it's cold?

They braved the snow storm.

Tagalog is a more sensual language than English.


I saw Alejandro fall.

We're all going to die anyway.

Murthy is a big fan of Chopin.

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Tigger didn't mind.


What do you say we buy everyone a drink?

If we have the chance, let's get together on another occasion.

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.

The reporter elaborated on the method of his investigation.

I want to play tennis with Judy.

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Give me a room near the elevator.

Websites collect information about you.

Don't put on weight.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

We'd better go.

I have to wake up early tomorrow.

Jerry isn't a very good tennis player.


Do you understand what I mean?

Syed was obviously tired.

There's something you need to ask Holly.

When will the number 4 bus arrive?

I forget your telephone number.

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I read this book a couple of years ago.

None of the food was left.

He is a very irritating critic of others.

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Oranges are sweeter than lemons.

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If I'm away from home for a period of time, I will stop mail delivery.


James looks very young.


Roger Federer is among the very few tennis players to have notched more than a thousand career match wins.

What does it say?

Oh no! I wasn't paying attention and left my cell phone in the restaurant!

Her absence went unnoticed until the end of the meeting.

Are you studying or working?

I'll tell you what we'll do.

I don't believe in centrism.

I want to be notified the moment Jamie arrives.

Sylvan asked me if I knew anybody who could translate from French into English.

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Dan wanted to come by to see Linda's son.


"What's wrong with you?" "Leave me alone for a while. It's none of your business."


To be a mother is not to deliver.

His facial expression was more sour than a lemon.

She was obviously in pain.


Dominic said Derek was blackmailing him.


I haven't been to Boston in three years.

Spring is the season that Lucy likes best.

Farmers made a lucky strike on estates.

It's possible that Amanda may not know that Stacey is in the hospital.

What is the advantage of that technology?


Tell her we're on our way.

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I felt lost without Craig.

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He's a twat. I can't listen to his nonsense anymore.

You can cash your check at this window.

Why don't you want to wear a tie?


There's no getting over that.

I can understand German as well as the maniac that invented it, but I talk it best through an interpreter.

How many brothers do you have?

I burned all the letters that you wrote to me.

You have to cope with those difficult problems.


I love to learn new things.

I feel profound sympathy for the victims.

I read all kinds of books.

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Well, that's not going to happen.

There were enough.

Our employees are working around the clock to fix the damage caused by the ice storm.

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I think we lost him.

That's likely a mistake.

I had no intention of living in a large city from the start.

Tomorrow I must leave earlier.

He decided neither to advance nor to retreat.

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You always tell me I should be proud of my heritage.

Has anyone talked to you?

The police have given up looking for the missing child.

The idea that money can buy everything is wrong.

I could do that for you.

I'm a student. And you?

Dare you ask him about it?


I don't need anyone's help.

Don't be surprised if you get a visit from Death.

We share a dream.


Sorry to bother you, but I'm afraid something urgent has come up.

I like blue best of all colors.

I haven't met both of his sons.


I'd really appreciate it if you'd cleaned the garage.

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Every boy here has a girlfriend.


Meeks wants to spend time with Randy.


She can't be trusted.


I'm calling the police.

I usually never finish reading books that I find boring.

That's not what I expected.


I live in Rome.


Milo will most likely buy the red car.

I took your umbrella by a mistake.

Moran works at a call center.

Babies crawl before they walk.

The bag has been left behind.

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I have a message from him.

I think she's an honest woman.

Dan called to say he can't come to help.

Eliot is just stalling.

Caleb is an independent filmmaker.